Latest Publications

Here are the latest publications from the Lightwave Research Laboratory. Select the catagories from the submenu above for a complete listing of all past publications.

Journal Publications

Yiwen Shen, Maarten H. N. Hattink, Payman Samadi, Qixiang Cheng, Ziyi Zhu, Alexander Gazman, and Keren Bergman , "Software-Defined Networking Control Plane for Seamless Integration of Multiple Silicon Photonic Switches in Datacom Networks," Optics Express 26 10914-10929 (2018).

Q. Cheng, S. Rumley, M. Bahadori, K. Bergman, "Photonic Switching in High Performance Datacenters [Invited]," Optics Express 20th Anniversary Special Issue (2018).

Yao Li, Weiyang Mo, Shengxiang Zhu, Yiwen Shen, Jiakai Yu, Payman Samadi, Keren Bergman, and Daniel C. Kilper, "tSDX: Enabling Impairment-Aware All-Optical Inter-Domain Exchange," (2018).

M. Bahadori, M. Nikdast, S. Rumley, L. Y. Dai, N. Janosik, T. Van Vaerenbergh, A. Gazman, Q. Cheng, R. Polster, K. Bergman, "Design Space Exploration of Microring Resonators in Silicon Photonic Interconnects: Impact of the Ring Curvature," Journal of Lightwave Technology (Mar 30, 2018).

H. Guan, A. Novack, T. Galfsky, Y. Ma, S. Fathololoumi, A. Horth, T. N. Huynh, J. Roman, R. Shi, M. Caverley, Y. Liu, T. Baehr-Jones, K. Bergman, and M. Hochberg, "Widely-tunable, narrow-linewidth III-V/silicon hybrid external-cavity laser for coherent communication," Optical Express (2018).

M. Bahadori, A. Gazman, N. Janosik, S. Rumley, Z. Zhu, R. Polster, Q. Cheng, K. Bergman, "Thermal Rectification of Integrated Microheaters for Microring Resonators in Silicon Photonics Platform," IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology 36 (3) (Feb 1, 2018).

Y. Shen, P. Samadi, and K. Bergman, "Autonomous Network and IT Resource Management for Geographically Distributed Data Centers," IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking 10 (2) A225-A231 (Feb 2018).

Y. Huang, P. B. Cho, P. Samadi, and K. Bergman, "Power excursion mitigation for flexgrid defragmentation with machine learning," Journal of Optical Communications and Networking 10 (1) A69-A76 (Jan 2018).

Books and Book Chapters

D. M. Calhoun, Q. Li, D. Nikolova, C. P. Chen, K. Wen, S. Rumley, K. Bergman, "Hardware-Software Integrated Silicon Photonics for Computing Systems [Book Chapter]," Silicon Photonics III of the series Topics in Applied Physics 122 pp 157-189 (Jan 9, 2016).

K. Bergman, L. Carloni, A. Biberman, J. Chan, and G. Hendry, "Photonic Network-on-Chip Design," Series: Integrated Circuits and Systems, Springer Science + Business Media New York 68 (2014).

K. Bergman and H. Wang, "Optically Interconnected High Performance Data Centers," Optical Interconnects for Future Data Center Networks, Springer (2013).

C. Kachris, K. Bergman, and I. Tomkos, "Optical Interconnects for Future Data Center Networks," Springer Science + Business Media New York (2013).

K. Bergman, "Optical Interconnection Networks," Optical Fiber Telecommunications V, Ivan Kaminow, Tingye Li, Alan Willner Editors, Elsevier (2008).

K. Bergman, B. A. Small, and L. Bergman, "Next Generation Cluster Networks," The Handbook of Computer Networks, Elsevier (2008).

Conference Proceedings and Workshops

M. Glick, S. Rumley, K. Bergman, "Silicon Photonics Enabling the Disaggregated Data Center [Invited]," Advanced Photonics Congress 2018 (Jul 1, 2018).

G. Michelogiannakis, S. Rumley, J. Shalf, L. Dennison, M. Ghobadi, K. Bergman, "PINE: An Energy Efficient Flexibly Interconnected Photonic Data Center Architecture for Extreme Scalability [Invited]," Optical Interconnects 2018 (Jun 4, 2018).

N. C. Abrams, R. Polster, M. Oikonomou, L. Y. Dai, K. Bergman, "Silicon Photonic Deserialization for Energy Efficient Links," Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) JTu2A.45 (May 2018).

K. Bergman, "Silicon Photonics for High Performance Interconnection Networks," Optical Fiber Communication Conference Tu3F. 1 (2018).

Y. Huang, Q. Cheng, and K. Bergman, "Crosstalk-aware Calibration for Fast and Automated Functionalization of Photonic Integrated Switch Fabrics," CLEO STh3B.6 (2018).

J. Wilke, J. Kenny, S. Knight, S. Rumley, "Compiler-assisted Source-to-Source Skeletonization of Application Models for System Simulation," [Meuer Prize Finalist] ISC High Performance (2018).

Z. Zhu, A. Gazman, D. Gidony, Y. Shen, K. Shepard, K. Bergman, "Single-wire DAC/ADC Control and Feedback of Silicon Photonic Ring Resonator Circuits for Wavelength Switching," Optical Fiber Communication Conference W2A.32 (2018).

N. C. Abrams, R. Polster, L. Y. Dai, K. Bergman, "High Throughput Bandwidth Characterization of Silicon Photonic Modulators using Offset Frequency Combs," Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) Conference Th2A.16 (Mar 15, 2018).