Latest Publications

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Journal Publications

Y. Huang, C. Gutterman, P. Samadi, P. Cho, W. Samoud, C. Ware, M. Lourdiane, G. Zussman, K. Bergman, "Dynamic mitigation of EDFA power excursions with machine learning," Optics Express (Jan 2017).

P. Samadi, M. Fiorani, Y. Shen, L. Wosinska, K. Bergman, "Flexible Architecture and Autonomous Control Plane for Metro-scale Geographically Distributed Data Centers [Invited]," IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology (JLT) (Jan 2017).

A. Gazman, C. Browning, M. Bahadori, Z. Zhu, P. Samadi, S. Rumley, V. Vujicic, L. P. Barry, K. Bergman, "Software-defined control-plane for wavelength selective unicast and multicast of optical data in a silicon photonic platform," Optics Express (Jan 2017).

D. Nikolova, D. M. Calhoun, Y. Liu, S. Rumley, A. Novack, T. Baehr-Jones, M. Hochberg, K. Bergman, "Modular architecture for fully non-blocking silicon photonic switch fabric," Nature Microsystems & Nanoengineering 3 (1607) (Jan 2017).

M. Bahadori, S. Rumley, H. Jayatilleka, K. Murray, N. A. F. Jaeger, L. Chrostowski, S. Shekhar, K. Bergman, "Crosstalk Penalty in Microring-Based Silicon Photonic Interconnect Systems," Journal of Lightwave Technology 34 (17) (Jul 2016).

J. M. Rothenberg, C. P. Chen, J. J. Ackert, J. I. Dadap, A. P. Knights, K. Bergman, R. M. Osgood, Jr., R. R. Grote, "Experimental demonstration of coherent perfect absorption in a silicon photonic racetrack resonator," OSA Optics Letters 41 (11) 2537-2540 (Jun 2016).

P. Samadi, K. Wen, J. Xu, K. Bergman, "Software-defined optical network for metro-scale geographically distributed data centers," Optics Express 24 (11) (May 2016).

K. Bergman, J. Shalf, T.Hausken, "Optical Interconnects and Extreme Computing ," Optics & Photonics 27 32-39 (Apr 19, 2016).

Books and Book Chapters

D. M. Calhoun, Q. Li, D. Nikolova, C. P. Chen, K. Wen, S. Rumley, K. Bergman, "Hardware-Software Integrated Silicon Photonics for Computing Systems [Book Chapter]," Silicon Photonics III of the series Topics in Applied Physics 122 pp 157-189 (Jan 9, 2016).

K. Bergman, L. Carloni, A. Biberman, J. Chan, and G. Hendry, "Photonic Network-on-Chip Design," Series: Integrated Circuits and Systems, Springer Science + Business Media New York 68 (2014).

K. Bergman and H. Wang, "Optically Interconnected High Performance Data Centers," Optical Interconnects for Future Data Center Networks, Springer (2013).

C. Kachris, K. Bergman, and I. Tomkos, "Optical Interconnects for Future Data Center Networks," Springer Science + Business Media New York (2013).

K. Bergman, "Optical Interconnection Networks," Optical Fiber Telecommunications V, Ivan Kaminow, Tingye Li, Alan Willner Editors, Elsevier (2008).

K. Bergman, B. A. Small, and L. Bergman, "Next Generation Cluster Networks," The Handbook of Computer Networks, Elsevier (2008).

Conference Proceedings and Workshops

[in press] M. Bahadori, S. Rumley, "Analysis of Worst-case of Loss and Crosstalk for Planar Silicon Photonic Switch Architectures," 3rd International DATE Workshop on Optical/Photonic Interconnects for Computing Systems (OPTICS) (Mar 2017).

[in press] M. Bahadori, S. Rumley, R. Polster, A. Gazman, M. Traverso, M. Webster, K. Patel, K. Bergman, "Energy-Performance Optimized Design of Silicon Photonic Interconnection Networks for High-Performance Computing [Invited paper]," Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE) (Mar 2017).

C. Browning, A. Gazman, V. Vujicic, A. Anthur, Z. Zhu, K. Bergman, L.P. Barry, "Optical Circuit Switching/Multicasting of Burst Mode PAM-4 using a Programmable Silicon Photonic Chip," Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) (Mar 2017).

P. Samadi, M. Fiorani, Y. Shen, L. Wosinska, K. Bergman, "Self-Adaptive, Multi-Rate Optical Network for Geographically Distributed Metro Data Centers," Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) W3D.2 (Mar 2017).

Y. Huang, P. B. Cho, P. Samadi, and K. Bergman, "Dynamic Power Pre-adjustments with Machine Learning that Mitigate EDFA Excursions during Defragmentation," Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) Th1J.2 (Mar 2017).

K. Wen, S. Rumley, P. Samadi, C. P. Chen, K. Bergman, "Silicon Photonics in Post Moore's Law Era: Technological and Architectural Implications," Post-Moore's Era Supercomputing (PMES) Workshop (Nov 14, 2016).

K. Wen, P. Samadi, S. Rumley, C. P. Chen, Y. Shen, M. Bahadori, J. Wilke, K. Bergman, "Flexfly: Enabling a Reconfigurable Dragonfly Through Silicon Photonics," [Best Student Paper Award] The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC) (Nov 2016).

M. Bahadori, S. Rumley, R. P. Polster, K. Bergman, "Loss and Crosstalk of Scalable MZI-based Switch Topologies in Silicon Photonic Platform," IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC) (Oct 3, 2016).