Research Projects

Large-Scale Optical Switching Fabrics

Cross-Layer Optimized Optical Substrate

Engineering Research Center (ERC): Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN)

Software Defined Optics in Datacom and Telecom

Optical Accelerators for Data Center Networks

Converged Inter/Intra Data Center Network

Optical Interconnection Networks for High-Performance Computing Systems

High-Performance Optically-Connected Memory

Photonic Networks for Hardware Accelerators

Optically Interconnected Data Centers

Silicon Photonics For High Speed Optical Interconnection Networks

Silicon Photonic Devices for High Throughput Transmission Links

Control Systems for Thermal Stabilization

Silicon Photonic Switches

Hardware-Software Validation Testbed for Silicon Photonic Interconnection Networks

Design and Modeling of Photonic-enabled Multi-processor Architectures and Networks

Integrated Modeling Environment