Research Projects

Large-Scale Optical Switching Fabrics

Cross-Layer Optimized Optical Substrate

Engineering Research Center (ERC): Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN)

Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI): Embedded Real-Time Measurements (ERM)

Optical Interconnection Networks for High-Performance Computing Systems

Data Vortex Optical Packet-Switching Fabric

Scalable Optical Packet Buffers

Optical Network Interface Card (ONIC)

Interconnect Fabric System Test-Bed

High-Performance Optically-Connected Memory

Integrable Interconnection Network Systems and Subsystems

Scalable Photonic Integrated Network (SPINet)

Parametric Optical Processes and Systems (POPS)

Nanophotonic Optical Broadband Switches (NOBS)

Inter- and Intra-Chip Multi-Processor Interconnection Networks

On- and Off-Chip Photonic Communications for Multi-Processor Systems

Silicon Photonic Devices for Networks-on-Chip (NoCs)