Fiber-chip link via mode division multiplexing

Oscar A Jimenez Gordillo, Asher Novick, Oliver L Wang, Anthony J Rizzo, Utsav D Dave, Keren Bergman, Michal Lipson

Massively scalable Kerr comb-driven silicon photonic link

Anthony Rizzo, Asher Novick, Vignesh Gopal, Bok Young Kim, Xingchen Ji, Stuart Daudlin, Yoshitomo Okawachi, Qixiang Cheng, Michal Lipson, Alexander L. Gaeta, Keren Bergman

Peta-Scale Embedded Photonics Architecture for Distributed Deep Learning Applications

Zhenguo Wu, Liang Yuan Dai, Asher Novick, Madeleine Glick, Ziyi Zhu, Sébastien Rumley, George Michelogiannakis, John Shalf, Keren Bergman

Ultra-Efficient Foundry-Fabricated Resonant Modulators with Thermal Undercut

Anthony Rizzo, Venkatesh Deenadayalan, Matthew van Niekerk, Gerald Leake, Christopher Tison, Asher Novick, Daniel Coleman, Keren Bergman, Stefan Preble, and Michael Fanto

Efficient Silicon Photonic Add-Drop Microdisk Filters for DWDM Systems

Robert Parsons, Asher Novick, Maarten Hattink, Aneek James, Anthony Rizzo, and Keren Bergman

Integrated, Compact, and Tunable Band-Interleaving of a Kerr Comb Source

Songli Wang, Asher Novick, Anthony Rizzo, Robert Parsons, Swarnav Sanyal, Karl Jacob McNulty, Bok Young Kim, Yoshitomo Okawachi, Yuyang Wang, Alexander Gaeta, Michal Lipson, and Keren Bergman

Low Noise Ultra-Flexible SiP Switching Platform for mmWave OCDM & Multi-band OFDM ARoF Fronthaul

Devika Dass, Liang Yuan Dai, Keren Bergman, Xing Ouyang, Paul Townsend, Chris Roeloffzen, Colm Browning

Ultra-scalable Microring-based Architecture for Spatial-and-Wavelength Selective Switching

Liang Yuan Dai, Vignesh Gopal, Keren Bergman

Universal CMOS-Foundry Compatible Platform for Ultra-Low Loss SOI Waveguide Bends

Kaylx Jang, Asher Novick, Anthony Rizzo, and Keren Bergman

Ultra-dense 3D integrated 5.3 Tb/s/mm2 80 micro-disk modulator transmitter

Stuart Daudlin, Sunwoo Lee, Devesh Kilwani, Christine Ou, Anthony Rizzo, Songli Wang, Michael Cullen, Alyosha Molnar, and Keren Bergman

CMOS-Foundry Compatible, Broadband, and Compact Routing of Multimode SOI Waveguides

Asher Novick, Kaylx Jang, Anthony Rizzo, Aneek James, Utsav Dave, Michal Lipson, and Keren Bergman

Simultaneous Error-Free Data Modulation with Silicon Microdisks in the Multi-FSR Regime for Scalable DWDM Links

Vignesh Gopal, Anthony Rizzo, Maarten Hattink, Asher Novick, James Robinson, Kaveh Hosseini, Tim Tri Hoang, and Keren Bergman

SiP Architecture For Accelerating Collective Communication in Distributed Deep Learning

Zhenguo Wu, Liang Yuan Dai, Ziyi Zhu, Asher Novick, Madeleine Glick, and Keren Bergman

Low-Loss Wide-FSR Miniaturized Racetrack Style Microring Filters for ⩾1 Tbps DWDM

Asher Novick, Kaylx Jang, Anthony Rizzo, Robert Parsons, and Keren Bergman

Dispersion-Engineered and Fabrication-Robust SOI Waveguides for Ultra-Broadband DWDM

Yuyang Wang, Songli Wang, Asher Novick, Aneek James, Robert Parsons, Anthony Rizzo, and Keren Bergman

Scalable architecture for sub-pJ/b multi-Tbps comb-driven DWDM silicon photonic transceiver

Yuyang Wang, Asher Novick, Robert Parsons, Songli Wang, Kaylx Jang, Aneek James, Maarten Hattink, Vignesh Gopal, Anthony Rizzo, Chia-Pin Chiu, Kaveh Hosseini, Tim Tri Hoang, and Keren Bergman

Process Variation-Aware Compact Model of Strip Waveguides for Photonic Circuit Simulation

Aneek James, Anthony Rizzo, Yuyang Wang, Asher Novick, Songli Wang, Robert Parsons, Kaylx Jang, Maarten Hattink, and Keren Bergman

Fabrication-robust silicon photonic devices in standard sub-micron silicon-on-insulator processes

Anthony Rizzo, Utsav Dave, Asher Novick, Alexandre Freitas, Samantha P. Roberts, Aneek James, Michal Lipson, and Keren Bergman


Learning Bit-Gates With A Resonant Photonic Linear Neuron

Matthew van Niekerk, Anthony Rizzo, Hector Rubio Rivera, Gerald Leake, Daniel Coleman, Christopher Tison, Michael Fanto, Keren Bergman, and Stefan Preble

Enabling Quasi-Static Reconfigurable Networks With Robust Topology Engineering

Min Yee Teh, Shizhen Zhao, Peirui Cao, and Keren Bergman

Massively scalable wavelength diverse integrated photonic linear neuron

Matthew van Niekerk, Anthony Rizzo, Hector Rubio, Gerald Leake, Daniel Coleman, Christopher Tison, Michael Fanto, Keren Bergman, and Stefan Preble

Flexible, Process-Aware Compact Model of Effective Index in Silicon Waveguides for Commercial Foundries

Aneek James, Yuyang Wang, Anthony Rizzo, and Keren Bergman

Tunable and Compact SiP Quasi-Dichroic Filter with ≥ 10 dB/nm Roll-Off Across C- & L-bands

Asher Novick, Songli Wang, Anthony Rizzo, Robert Parsons, Kaylx Jang, and Keren Bergman

Petabit-Scale Silicon Photonic Interconnects With Integrated Kerr Frequency Combs

Anthony Rizzo, Stuart Daudlin, Asher Novick, Aneek James, Vignesh Gopal, Vaishnavi Murthy, Qixiang Cheng, Bok Young Kim, Xingchen Ji, Yoshitomo Okawachi, Matthew van Niekerk, Venkatesh Deenadayalan, Gerald Leake, Michael Fanto, Stefan Preble, Michal Lipso

A Future Proof Reconfigurable Wireless and Fixed Converged Optical Fronthaul Network Using Silicon Photonic Switching Strategies

Junfei Xia, Tongyun Li, Qixiang Cheng, Madeleine Glick, Michael Crisp, Keren Bergman, Richard Penty

Realizing Pb/s IO with Silicon Photonic Chiplets

Anthony Rizzo and Keren Bergman

Performance trade-offs in reconfigurable networks for HPC

Min Yee Teh, Zhenguo Wu, Madeleine Glick, Sebastien Rumley, Manya Ghobadi, Keren Bergman

Package Design and Measurements for Radar Emulator using Accelerators and Photonics

Mercy Daniel-Aguebor, Mutee Ur Rehman, Serhat Erdogan, Kyoung-Sik Jack Moon, Nikita Ambasana, Saibal Mukhopadhya, Madhavan Swaminathan, Liang Yuan Dai, Keren Bergman, Daniel Jang, Mingoo Seok

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