Welcome to the Lightwave Research Laboratory

Our Research Mission

The Lightwave Research Laboratory, led by Professor Keren Bergman, aims to investigate the realization of dynamic optical data routing in transparent optical interconnection networks, developing potentially disruptive technology solutions with ultra-high throughput, minimal access latencies, and low power dissipation that remains independent of data capacity, ultimately capitalizing on the enormous bandwidth advantage enabled by dense wavelength division multiplexing.

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If you are interested in joining our research group, we offer numerous undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate research opportunities.

News Highlights

Columbia Engineering’s photonics experts, including Professors Keren Bergman, Michal Lipson, and Alex Gaeta, are an integral part of an exciting new Integrated Photonics Manufacturing Innovation Hub in Rochester, NY, announced by Vice President Joseph Biden at a press conference on July 27. In winning the bid, the NY-led consortium captured the largest federal investment—over $610 million, with $110 million in federal funds, and more than $500 million in non-federal contributions—to date under the Obama administration’s National Network for Manufacturing Innovation.

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Ongoing Research

We have several ongoing research projects, primarily focusing in the areas of:


Some of our collaborators and funding agencies include: