Welcome to the Lightwave Research Laboratory!

The Lightwave Research Laboratory is involved with multiple research programs on optical interconnection networks for advanced computing systems, data centers, optical packet-switched routers, and nanophotonic networks-on-chip for chip multiprocessors. We are developing a new class of nanoscale photonic interconnect technologies that seamlessly move data from on-chip networks, across memory and large computing systems with extreme energy efficiency. These future platforms, driven by nanophotonic-enabled interconnectivity, and the enormous bandwidth advantage of dense wavelength division multiplexing, will fundamentally transform the computation-communications architecture, to create systems able to meet explosive information demands at all scales.

With the growing demand for photonics based technologies in data centers and high performance computing applications, the Lightwave Research Laboratory aims to be on the cutting edge of research while creating feasible and deployable solutions to tackle real challenges faced in industry. 


Join Us!

We currently have openings for Postdoctoral Fellows, PhD candidates, and MS students in our group! Interested candidates should contact Professor Bergman at [email protected] with their resume/CV and cover letter. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Recent News

Silicon Photonics: Columbia Prof. Keren Bergman on the Why, How and When of a Technology that Could Transform HPC

Prof. Bergman was recently featured on an episode of the @HPCpodcast, discussing the potential future impacts of silicon photonics on the High Performance Computing (HPC) industry. Topics covered included the main barriers to the technology’s commercial readiness, the use of photonics communication vs. computation, and current advances and speeds in the field.

Paper Featured on the Front Cover of IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics

IEEE JSTQE Vol. 29 No. 1 Front Cover

Our paper Petabit-Scale Silicon Photonic Interconnects With Integrated Kerr Frequency Combs is featured on the Front Cover of IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (Volume 29 Number 1) Issue on Nonlinear Integrated Photonics.

Columbia University and Partners Win $35M JUMP 2.0 Grant to Create Center for Ubiquitous Connectivity

Columbia has won a $35 million five-year grant to establish the uCenter for Ubiquitous Connectivity (CUbiC) and advance energy-efficient communications technologies for addressing the vastly growing connectivity bottlenecks between data-hungry wireless devices and deluged data centers. Over the next five years, CUbiC will strive to flatten the computation-communication gap, delivering seamless Edge-to-Cloud connectivity with transformational reductions in the global system energy consumption.

We need a rethinking of the boundaries between communication and computation and to fundamentally reinvent how data moves across systems with minimal energy consumption.

Prof. Keren Bergman